Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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I'm excited about my new book, DIG THE GRAVE FIRST, it was fun to write and I believe it will be fun to read!

Cameo Easton is a completely honest person. She never lies, she pays her taxes, and obeys all the rules. So why does she have a human skull hidden in the detergent box in her laundry room and a body buried in her flower garden? When Cameo’s brother, Drake is tragically killed in a car accident, she inherits his house in the quiet suburbs of Seattle. While planting flowers in the back yard she discovers a human skeleton. She decides not to call the police until she discovers the identity of the body in her yard. She begins investigating her nice friendly neighbors and discovers none of them are what they appear to be. Little old ladies have dark secrets, a mysterious Scotsman carries a gun and her brother’s best friend has a bigger secret than she ever dreamed. There is no one she can trust. Cameo risks everything to uncover the terrible truth and finds she might be in love with a killer and she has to choose between mercy and justice

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The summer of 1950 is blazing hot even for Kansas. Women sit on their porches drinking sweet iced tea and praying for relief from the blistering heat. Farmers look at their dry corn fields and pray for rain. Eight-year-old Linda Davison prays she'll live to see her ninth birthday.

Linda knows someone is planning to kill her but no one listens to a kid with a wild imagination and nobody dies in Kansas until suddenly, people start dropping like flies.

Monday, February 3, 2014

NEW! Now Available on Amazon!

Sweet Dreams: 50 Romantic Bedtime Stories for Big Girls
By April Knight
From Oak Tree Press! Amazon
I’m excited about my latest book “SWEET DREAMS- 50 Romantic Bedtime Stories for Big Girls”.
This book is about perfect love for imperfect people. Each story takes less than ten minutes to read so busy women can have a little romance while they wait for their bus, eat their lunch or just before they go to sleep.

The stories range from shy, innocent first love to the olden, golden love that lasts forever. The stories are funny, touching, quirky and tender. Some will grab your heart and bring tears to your eyes, others will make you laugh until your cheeks hurt.
Real romance for real people in ten enchanting moments.

April Knight Biography: 
When April was nine years old she told her teacher she wanted to be a writer when she grew up, the teacher told her that was impossible. At the age of thirteen April was selling her stories to  numerous magazines and later had an award winning, best selling book. She’s had numerous books published as well as short stories and has her own newspaper column. She’s also a professional artist and has illustrated several books.  April is part Kiowa and her tribal name is Crying Wind Hummingbird.
In addition to writing and painting, she’s ridden her horse Gypsy Wind in the barrel racing events at rodeos and has driven a horse drawn stagecoach in a frontier town. 

Her latest book is Sweet Dreams-
50 Romantic Bedtime Stories for Big Girls, Oak Tree Press.  She has just finished writing a mystery novel.

For more details you can visit her website: 
or her blog:

Sweet Dreams – 50 Romantic Bedtime Stories for Big Girls (Oak Tree Press)
This book is romance for busy women who don’t have time to read more than a few minutes at a time.

Each of these stories take less than ten minutes to read so they can be read while waiting for a bus, having your morning coffee, or just before you go to bed. Every story is different, they are funny, touching, inspiring and above all, romantic. They are about imperfect people searching for perfect love, young love, first love, old love, lost love and love that lasts forever.  Sometimes love isn’t about roses and candlelight, sometimes love is about a rusty bucket, burned biscuits, a giraffe, a lost dog or a snowman. Love can be found in the most unexpected places with the most unlikely people and sometimes they really do live happily ever after.

Coming Soon!
Nobody Dies in Kansas
By April Knight

Friday, August 30, 2013

Welcome to April Knight's new blog!
When April Knight was nine years old, her teacher asked the class to
write a paper about what they wanted to be when they grew up.  April
wrote, "When I grow up, I want to be Tandaleah, Fire Goddess of the
Volcano..." and she asked the teacher if "goddess" was spelled with
two "D"s.  The teacher as well as the students burst into hysterical
laughter.  The teacher told her that nobody could be a fire goddess
because they didn't exist and what was April's second choice.  April
said she would indeed be a fire goddess, live on a volcano and she was
also going to write and illustrate books when she grew up.  The
teacher told her that was impossible, it took years of college to be a
writer or an illustrator and even then, there was only one chance in a
million she could do it.  April was called "Tandaleah" and taunted and
ridiculed without mercy for the rest of the school year.

When April was thirteen, the first story she ever wrote was published
in a national magazine and she became a published writer. Before she
was eighteen she had sold over fifty short stories.

Her first book, which she also illustrated, became a world wide best
seller. She moved to Hawaii and lived next to the Kilauea volcano, the
most active volcano in the world. She didn't become a goddess, but
three out of four of her childhood dreams had come true.

April is a professional artist and has owned two galleries but
considers herself first and foremost a writer, sometimes writing a
complete novel in two weeks.

She writes in a variety of genre, romance, mystery, humor and
inspirational, but her favorite subject is love, love found and
especially love lost.  The most memorable love stories are about lost
love...after all, who remembers the names of ships that don't sink?

April's favorite past times  are horseback riding and beachcombing and
nothing makes her happier than combining them and galloping along a
beach, all the better if it is a stormy day with the wind howling and
waves crashing.

April currently lives near Seattle and spends her winters in Australia.

She collects antique ink wells and quills.

She just finished writing a mystery, "Nobody Dies in Kansas" and a
romance, "Stars in the Desert."

Courage doesn't roar, courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day
saying, I'll try again tomorrow.                   M. Radmacher